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Lori Rodriguez

Vice President Executive Programs at Gartner

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Lori Rodriguez has a unique perspective on business, she’s been collecting data about and for C-suite technology leaders as Vice President-Executive Programs at Gartner.  In this episode, she shares her knowledge about technology and business as an expert in both fields.  Lori is an advocate for women in business and STEM fields and has authored the book due out soon-We Want You To Stay: The Hidden Lives of Twenty Women In Stem.  You can preview a chapter of the book and learn more about it here HERE and follow the book on INSTAGRAM!

Episode Timeline:

3:45 – Lori knows more about CIO’s than just about anyone on the planet
8:20 – Digitalization and tech changes EVERYTHING and that change takes time to develop
21:20 – Role and responsibility swings between IT and Business
29:40 – The bullying of IT by the villains and the importance of process discipline
37:55 – Is the real villain the software industry?
44:20 – The first MS software that didn’t suck, and the idea that software development is prejudiced or gender-biased
48:40 – Some startling statistics about women and minorities and why women aren’t staying in STEM fields
1:02:25 – The P3 Adaptive Power BI class gender statistics and the P3 Adaptive hiring process yield some insight into the numbers of women in the data field
1:16:20 – Lori has some great advice for fathers with daughters about to enter college
1:25:10 – The interesting history of Lori’s book, We Want You To Stay: The Hidden Lives of Twenty Women In Stem
1:31:55 – Rob makes the Ratatouille reference of the decade <AKA the Ratatouille Revelation>, The Data Cook can come from anywhere
1:37:10- The clearest explanation as to why P3 Adaptive is the quickest to results BI consultancy-5 business days for the first tangible project iteration is common for P3’s team
1:43:10 – Another crystal-clear explanation as to why Power BI is the best BI tool-with a nice bonus sports analogy!
1:49:25 – Lori shares her great perspective about the human side of Gartner’s processes
1:52:35 – Power BI’s dominance in Interoperability defined and discussed-The BI in Power BI should stand for Business Improvement: That’s Rob and P3’s philosophy!
1:59:20 – Rob’s theory on something big that Microsoft is planning

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