Writing your Data Adventure, w/ Blythe Morrow

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Today we welcome Blythe Morrow, owner of Paper Sword B2B, to the show. She shares her SQL-adjacent/data-adjacent data origin story and the details of her love affair with both language and data. We also get inside insight into Paper Sword’s technical writer onboarding and development with a special shout-out to Tom LaRock’s Solar Winds podcast episode on the Disappearing DBAs. The ability to marry good writing with technical skills can help you clarify your message and build trust with your stakeholders. Even if you aren’t a writer, learning how to talk to and convince people about Data Platform technologies can elevate your skills as a data professional.

In addition, Blythe shares the secrets of bringing shadow IT into the light through the shared strength of various software, adaptability, and scalability. Her history working with PASS means that she has the knowledge and the network to effect change within the data community. She joins us here to get you pumped about data.

Join us today as we learn to write a data adventure!


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