Custom AI solutions, trained on your data.

Accessible, tailored AI solutions that adapt specifically to your business’s unique needs, ensuring transformative outcomes and sustainable success.


Businesses that fail to adopt AI will be left behind.

But that won’t be you. From optimizing workflows to automating repetitive tasks, AI integration with Microsoft solutions empowers your business to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving landscape. Embracing the transformative power of artificial intelligence will ensure that your business thrives in the era of intelligent automation.


Take the “un” out of uncertainty.

And navigate the future with unprecedented clarity. By leveraging advanced algorithms and machine learning, businesses gain the ability to anticipate trends, identify potential challenges, and make informed decisions ahead of the curve. This switch from reactive to proactive decision-making reduces risks and transforms uncertainty into a strategic advantage for your business.


Build on what’s working. Change what’s not.

Tailored to the unique needs of your business, our AI solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing processes and systems. Whether it’s enhancing customer experiences, automating workflows, or optimizing decision-making, our consultants work with you to rapidly capitalize on what’s working and iterate on what’s not.

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Traditional consultants overhaul your entire system first, delaying insights and costing you time and resources. By the time you’re set to go, the goalposts have moved.

Our approach

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P3 Adaptive will help you start winning now. We leverage Power BI and your current systems to quickly deliver the key insights, reducing costs and risk.

It’s not too late.

It’s actually the best time to discover what AI can do for your business. AI was largely experimental – until now. It made sense to wait on the sidelines in the meantime. Now that Microsoft has made AI capabilities accessible for all, we’re here to help you dive in.


The future is coming. Get comfortable.

Pattern Recognition

Analyze complex data patterns to identify relationships, trends, and anomalies for more informed decision-making.

Anomaly Detection

Identify and flag unusual patterns or outliers within datasets and uncover irregularities and potential issues.

Continuous Learning

Data models improve over time by ingesting new data, adjusting algorithms, ensuring ongoing performance enhancement.


Increase the speed and scale at which you work with a tool that enhances analysis efficiency and simplifies data complexities.

Predictive Analytics

Apply advanced analysis techniques to historical data to more accurately predict future events and inform decision making.

Generative Content

Streamline the content creation process and generate new, unique content at scale to engaging audiences more effectively.

Jimmy Holmes

Director of Data Management and Business iIntelligence, Shipping and Transportation Sector

“P3 Adaptive gave us the framework to go from analytical aspirations to analytical competitor. I would highly recommend their roadmap planning services”

Microsoft + AI.
Better Together.

The infusion of AI into Microsoft’s suite of products elevates their functionality, making them more intelligent, adaptive, and effective tools for businesses in today’s data-driven landscape.

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A new age of consulting.

We distrust consultants, too.

That’s why P3 is pioneering a new type of consulting, with people you trust and people who deliver. Our consultants are a rare blend of engineering genius and business savvy. We use both sides of our brains to get you results.


Custom solutions, without gatekeeping.

Expert Guidance

Benefit from the experience of our seasoned consultants. Receive expert guidance on best practices, data visualization, and optimization.

Empower Your Team

Equip your team with the skills and knowledge needed to extract valuable insights. We ensure that your team maximizes the benefits, even when we’re not around anymore.

Tailored Solutions

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Our solutions are custom built to address the unique challenges and goals of your business.

Don’t get left behind.

Start taking advantage of big company talent, technology, and resources.