Power BI has no equal.

Power BI opens up new avenues for businesses as the cornerstone for advanced data-driven decision making.


Experts in building transformative Power BI environments.

Cross Silo Visibility

Your business runs on a mix of systems, but you get end-to-end insight in one place – with no expensive infrastructure.

Org-Wide Alignment

Directionally align your entire org and communicate top-level goals down the orgchart with smart scorecards.

Precision Forecasting

Paint a confident baseline picture of the future based on known data, then create & evaluate scenarios for the unknowns.

Comprehensive Reporting

Unite all revenue data and quickly compare across all channels & business segments.

Optimized Marketing

Customized dashboards that integrate all your data and paint a complete picture you can’t get from any ad portal.

Data-Driven Culture

The transition from “old school” to modern & data-driven is easier than you think. We help you lead by example.

With p3

Get the most out of your investment.

Together, we’ll push your Power BI environment to do things you didn’t know were possible and reveal insights you didn’t know you could get.

Why p3

We built the dang thing.

Our Founder Built Power BI

Our founder was part of the team at Microsoft that built Power BI. You’ll get access to custom solutions and trusted guidance straight from experts who know the tool better than anyone else.

We Offer Tailored Solutions

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Our Power BI Consulting services are customized to address the unique challenges and goals of your business.

Empower Your Team

We won’t just built the thing, we’ll also train your team to extract valuable insights and maximize the benefits of your new solution, even when we’re not there anymore.

Mike Miskell

Director of Process Improvement, Kaman Industrial Technologies

“Lifechanging. It’s made me a better analyst, and I recommend this courses to folks all over my organization. We’re able to build complex models in a matter of weeks, and use a few great DAX patterns to fix reporting issues that otherwise would have taken months or years to develop!”


We combine speed and expertise to get you further, faster.

Data Visualization
Governance and Security
Data Strategy
Advanced Analytics
Data Modeling
Custom Reporting

P3 is a proud partner of Microsoft.

Put simply, we would not be able to create transformative solutions for our clients without Microsoft’s cutting-edge technology. Power BI, Azure, and Fabric allow us to do what we do best.

That is why P3 is proud to be an official Solutions Partner of Microsoft, delivering the capabilities of big tech to the businesses who need it most.

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