Giving Back: “Steal” this Reference Card!

A long time coming…

The Finalized 8-Page “Reference Card V2” – Download it for Free Below

Yes, this took me forever.  I first posted about it more than six months ago.  It took a lot of effort, for sure, but that effort ALSO got interrupted five thousand times by, you know, other work.  And life.  All that jazz.

But I am SUPER pleased with the result!  I hope you are, too.  It’s relevant to all versions of Power Pivot, as well as Power BI desktop, because mostly this is focused on the DAX / modeling stuff, which is common to all environments.

Go ahead and download a PDF of it, no strings attached:

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Why Free?  Aren’t you going to SELL this Rob?

Yes, we ALSO plan to mass-print high-quality, durable versions of this for sale.  And those WILL be awesome.

But two things.

1) You folks were SO HELPFUL with the DAX 2nd edition “crowdfunding” campaign.  A smashing success, we now get to print a large batch of books, in COLOR, cost effectively.  This merely reinforced our original instinct – the ref card should be freely downloadable.  (BTW you can still pre-order the books via that link, just not the special gift “perks.”)

2) Neil Young once said, regarding Napster and related tech, that “piracy is the new radio.”  Radio did (and still does) give away songs for free, and that’s advertising for buying the recording.  We see this PDF ref card the same way.  Grab it.  Print it.  Use it to death.  And if that’s the end of it, GREAT!  If you come back to us for high-quality cards, or other help, also great.  We’re good either way.

Can we really print as many of these as we want?

Yes, go nuts.  We just stipulate that you NOT sell it (nor use it as part of another paid service), nor reproduce it in part.  If you give away printed copies, we want them to be all 8 unmodified pages.

Same for electronic distribution – email them around, post them on websites, anything you want.  Just again, always in full – all 8 pages, unmodified, and not for sale (or as part of any other paid service).

Enjoy it folks, and let us know if you have any feedback.

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