Elevate your data, power your next evolution.

Go beyond basic utility, and capitalize on Azure’s expansive capabilities. This flexible, insight-rich platform can propel your data strategy, not just follow it.


The right technology to underpin your data strategy.

Take advantage of dynamic analytics capabilities, scale up or down to meet your own unique data demands, and directly integrate with new technologies – all with Azure. We align this uniquely flexible and powerful technology with your business goals, turning it from a component of your business strategy to a driver of it, adapting and growing as your business does.


From innovation to impact.

Deploy an Azure environment that combines performance, stability, and adaptability. By leveraging Azure’s state-of-the-art infrastructure and analytics capabilities, we’ll define where you want go then build and deploy the systems that’ll get you there faster.


Built to elevate modern businesses.

Data security isn’t an afterthought, its an integral part of our process when building a new Azure environment. With a comprehensive compliance portfolio and advanced security features, such as AI-driven threat detection and automated compliance tools, we ensure the highest level of data integrity and security.

Our Approach

Their approach

Infrastructure Forward


Business Value


Infrastructure-Oriented Approach

Traditional consultants overhaul your entire system first, delaying insights and costing you time and resources. By the time you’re set to go, the goalposts have moved.

Our approach

Impact Forward


Business Value


Impact-Oriented Approach

P3 Adaptive will help you start winning now. We leverage Power BI and your current systems to quickly deliver the key insights, reducing costs and risk.

Mike Miskell

Director of Process Improvement, Kaman Industrial Technologies

“Lifechanging. It’s made me a better analyst, and I recommend this courses to folks all over my organization. We’re able to build complex models in a matter of weeks, and use a few great DAX patterns to fix reporting issues that otherwise would have taken months or years to develop!”

Interested in getting started?

Custom solutions built to propel your business forward, and specialized training designed to unlock the potential of your Power BI ecosystem and the team using it.

P3 is a proud partner of Microsoft.

Put simply, we would not be able to create transformative solutions for our clients without Microsoft’s cutting-edge technology. Power BI, Azure, and Fabric allow us to do what we do best.

That is why P3 is proud to be an official Solutions Partner of Microsoft, delivering the capabilities of big tech to the businesses who need it most.


A new age of consulting.

We distrust consultants, too.

That’s why P3 is pioneering a new type of consulting, with people you trust and people who deliver. Our consultants are a rare blend of engineering genius and business savvy. We use both sides of our brains to get you results.

Justin Mannhardt

Chief Customer Officer Connect with Justin on LinkedIn

Adam Maxam

Director of Client Services Connect with Adam on LinkedIn


Transformative training led by experts that build innovative BI systems every day.


Our teachers are our consultants. Learn from individuals with decades of experience building custom, complex BI solutions.


Get you and your team there faster with live feedback and direct support (whether in-person or virtual) as you work through these complex hands-on problems.

Custom / Adaptive

We fit our approach to match your goals by building custom training sessions to fill your specific knowledge gaps and tackle your unique problems.

Elevate your data strategy.

Start taking advantage of big company talent, technology, and resources.