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Governance and Adoption

Don’t lose control. Govern for maximum impact.

Business-driven analytics are now a crucial pillar in any organization's enterprise strategy, but balancing agility with responsibility requires a careful mix of people, policy, and technology.

Navigating Uncharted Waters

Democratizing data across an organization presents brand-new challenges.

It can be daunting: make it too open and get chaos, or hold too tightly and risk revolt. It's a challenge with as many implications as BYOD, and brand-new twists.

People are the endpoint. But they should be the start of your plan.

We've seen it: no amount of policy or technology will offset a lack of thoughtful people planning. But with the right roles identified and assigned, policy and tech inputs become clear and efficient.

How We Do It

Your secret weapon is already on staff.

You know it's impossible to keep tabs on thousands of people across all of your business units, but the good news is that you don't have to.

In our proven system, we identify a small audience of tech-friendly people in the business, and turn them into Authors: the first line of support for the business. Your partners. A force multiplier that makes the impossible, possible.

  • Focal Point of Training

    You don't have to train everyone, but instead focus the bulk of your effort on the Authors.

  • Partners in Policy

    Your Authors will want to support your policies, because they benefit as much as you do.

  • Your Extended Team

    Your central, outnumbered team could never keep up with the vast and ever-changing needs of the business. But with Authors embedded as the first line of support in each business unit, you won't have to.

Get started with custom strategic planning.

No two organizations are the same, even though the end goal is the same. We'll work with you to produce a plan that fits your needs, tailored to where you are on the journey, how fast you need to move, and your unique internal culture.

P3 Adaptive gave us the framework to go from analytical aspirations to analytical competitor. I would highly recommend their roadmap planning services.

Jimmy Holmes Director Data Management and Business Intelligence International Shipping and Transportation Sector

Here’s what you’ll get.

Orderly Agility

We help you strike the most crucial of balances: giving the Business enough capability to self-serve their many and ever-changing needs while also not creating new problems for tomorrow.

Optimal Adoption

With the right people trained the right way, you avoid most problems before they begin. We know how to facilitate change in the Business, from initial buy-in to responsible and efficient usage.

Total Visibility

Trust but verify: once your users are on the right initial course, we supplement with sophisticated monitoring that alerts you to potential deviations as they develop.

Upward Scalability

Certain applications built by the Business will emerge as mission-critical or enterprise-relevant. You will have advanced notice of those, and will then seamlessly transition them to central management.
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