We’re built differently.

A revolution in BI tools has unlocked a new way to work: Fast. Efficient. Direct. But to unlock the full potential, you must move beyond yesterday’s methods.

P3 Adaptive saw an opportunity to create a new kind of firm: One built from scratch to embrace the new tools and deliver maximum ROI to our clients.

Our Philosophy

Data doesn't have to be painful.

Data is an ongoing opportunity.

We're only in the earliest stages of a data gold rush. Limitless possibilities await.

It's possible to be good AND fast.

Because we remove the waste and friction from the process, you get both quality and speed - rather than trading off one for the other.

We win when you win.

We treat every engagement like it's an audition for the next one. We work our brains hard in the service of delighting you.

About the Team

Our people shouldn’t exist, but we’re glad they do.

No one can operate like us because no one has our team: Instinctive thinkers who are just as interested in business as they are in the tools. (And genuinely fun to work with).

Featured Consultant
Featured Consultant

Justin Mannhardt

Like a character in a Tolkien story, Justin has truly been "there and back again" in the world of data. Having sponged up everything from DAX to M to Azure to Modern Data Warehousing, Justin serves as one of P3's technical architects in addition to being one of our exceptional consultants. In his spare time, you’ll find him grilling, mountain-biking, and saving the world from monsters with his 2 sons.

Everything you need; nothing you don't.

No Middlemen

You know, the ones who are always around but never involved in the solution? They chew your time and your wallet. We don't have those.

No Ulterior Motives

We don't pitch you on nimble projects only to push expensive infrastructure once we have our foot in the door. We win when you win.

No B Team

We hire less than 3 percent of our applicants, and they are all held to the same bar. We don't introduce our best consultants and then switch to junior consultants, because we don't have any.

No Robots

You shouldn't have to dread interacting with your consulting firm. Our people are actually fun to work with. Quick to pick up the nuances of your biz while also friendly and human.

Power Pivot and Power BI Book
#1 Selling Power BI Book

We're also the people who wrote the book. Literally.

Rob Collie
Unmatched Experience

Meet the CEO: Rob Collie

In his 13 years at Microsoft, Rob Collie led the BI-focused capabilities in Excel and was subsequently one of the founding engineers on Power BI. That insider's perspective led him to found the P3 Adaptive consulting firm in 2013.

Let our unique team help you on a project.

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