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Looking for a podcast that cuts through the noise? Raw Data by P3 Adaptive breaks down complex data topics into business value you can use. From business intelligence and dashboards to AI and digital transformation, we make it simple and relatable.

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Raw Data by P3 Adaptive
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Cracking the Business Intelligence Code.

Our Focus

Raw Data by P3 Adaptive demystifies data and tech to reveal true business value. We cover business intelligence, dashboards, AI, and digital transformation, making them accessible and practical for any organization.

Our Audience

Perfect for business leaders and data practitioners. Business leaders gain confidence and decision-making strategies, while data practitioners learn to drive impact and improve communication with stakeholders. This podcast is for anyone eager to leverage modern data solutions.

Why Listen

Hear from industry experts and real-world users as they share insights and experiences. We simplify complex topics, making data approachable and actionable. Stay ahead of tech trends and make data-driven decisions with lessons relevant across tech choices, especially the Microsoft data platform.


Experienced, Insightful, Relatable.

At Raw Data by P3 Adaptive, we’re not just data enthusiasts—we’re data experts with a talent for making complex stuff simple. Our team, led by industry veterans Rob Collie and Justin Mannhardt, brings years of experience and a passion for uncovering the true power of data. We’ve been in the trenches, solving real-world problems with data, and now we’re here to share those insights with you.

Rob Collie

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Justin Mannhardt

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