Microsoft Fabric Consulting: make Power BI the springboard to AI.

Unleash the power of advanced data analytics seamlessly integrated into your existing operations, and propel your organization into the future of data-driven decision-making.


The next data revolution has begun.

There has not been a technological innovation this big since Power BI itself. Microsoft Fabric seamlessly integrates and harmonizes diverse datasets, eliminating silos and providing a unified, comprehensive view of your organization’s data landscape like never before. Through advanced analytics and AI, Fabric empowers businesses to unlock every aspect of your operations.


Flexibility to capitalize on any opportunity.

With the way Fabric breaks down barriers, new opportunities become visible, and teams can seamlessly collaborate, share insights, and work collectively on data-driven initiatives. The platform also ensures that data is handled securely and in compliance with internal standards, providing a foundation of trust for decision-makers, even with such a high level of collaboration.


Like rocket fuel for artificial intelligence.

Fabric provides a dynamic environment where AI algorithms can analyze and interpret vast datasets with unprecedented speed and precision. By harnessing the combined power of Microsoft Fabric Data Analytics and AI, businesses can expedite innovation, gain a competitive edge, and drive success in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

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Traditional consultants overhaul your entire system first, delaying insights and costing you time and resources. By the time you’re set to go, the goalposts have moved.

Our approach

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P3 Adaptive will help you start winning now. We leverage Power BI and your current systems to quickly deliver the key insights, reducing costs and risk.

Mike Miskell

Director of Process Improvement, Kaman Industrial Technologies

“P3 Adaptive has empowered us, rather than making us dependent on them. Just the right amount of education, direction, and smart help, whenever we need it. The results have been transformational.

Interested in getting started?

Custom solutions built to propel your business forward, and specialized training designed to unlock the potential of your Power BI ecosystem and the team using it.

P3 is a proud partner of Microsoft.

Put simply, we would not be able to create transformative solutions for our clients without Microsoft’s cutting-edge technology. Power BI, Azure, and Fabric allow us to do what we do best.

That is why P3 is proud to be an official Solutions Partner of Microsoft, delivering the capabilities of big tech to the businesses who need it most.


A new age of consulting.

We distrust consultants, too.

That’s why P3 is pioneering a new type of consulting, with people you trust and people who deliver. Our consultants are a rare blend of engineering genius and business savvy. We use both sides of our brains to get you results.


Custom solutions, without gatekeeping.

Expert Guidance

Benefit from the experience of our seasoned consultants. Receive expert guidance on best practices, data visualization, and optimization.

Empower Your Team

Equip your team with the skills and knowledge needed to extract valuable insights. We ensure that your team maximizes the benefits, even when we’re not around anymore.

Tailored Solutions

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Our solutions are custom built to address the unique challenges and goals of your business.

Get up to speed with our experts.

Watch our introductory webinar to learn how Fabric revolutionizes data management, fosters collaboration, and accelerates AI-driven initiatives for businesses seeking to unlock the full potential of their data.



To the moon.

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