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Your ideal partners for Power BI and the Power Platform.

As a new wave of technology goes mainstream, you need the right kind of help: Nimble. Efficient. Human.

A disruptive new breed of firm emerges.

In the early 2010's, our founder saw that the BI consulting world - long known for its slow, lengthy, and expensive projects - was about to be disrupted by the new wave of tools. A new style of firm was required - one free of the friction and assumptions of the prior era. We've built precisely that firm: no waste, just speed and results.

A refreshing approach.


No surprises: you are always in the loop, and get to watch your project advance in real-time. No waiting in suspense to see what you're paying for.


Improvement is the goal, not merely being informed.  We quickly digest what your business needs to achieve, and work backwards from that goal.


Weeks of requirements gathering are no longer needed. Our proven approach cuts to the chase: we're often halfway done when others would still be writing specs.


You are also kept educated on how your project actually works, so if you need modifications later, you have the option to make them yourself.

How We Work

Our Project Methodology


The face-to-face "mind meld." Conversation, sketches, and whiteboards replace expensive and ineffective requirements docs.


The fun part. You won't believe how much a report or app can develop even in a day, or how much undiscovered opportunity lay in wait.


Are we done? Are there things you'd like to refine or add? Are you positioned to take it from here? These are the questions, but there will be no mysteries.


The payoff. Put your new reports (or other outputs) into circulation. Monitor engagement, improvement, and impact. Plan your next win.

Do we have experience in your industry? Yes. But our experience in other industries will prove just as valuable.

Real Example

A food warehouse spoilage forecast model and a tax liability audit model used precisely the same techniques.

Sample Industries
Manufacturing Healthcare Finance Staffing and HR Pharma Film and TV Gaming Government Retail CPG Legal Software Defense NGO Construction Energy Insurance Distribution Utilities ...
Ways to Engage

Interested in working with us? Here's a few examples of what that can look like:

Power BI model & reports from scratch.

We execute a project - lean and mean, with no wasted effort. Align -> Launch -> Assess -> Activate.

Audit of existing Power BI efforts.

Reports running a little slow? Feel like there's a lot of opportunity left on the table? Or maybe another firm left you in the lurch? Let's clean it up and get you on the right track.

End to end action loop.

Collect inputs with Power Automate. Centralize in Azure. Spot opportunities with Power BI. Take action with Power Apps.

Or Whatever You Need

Worried about governance and adoption?

Capabilities: Beyond Power BI

We also have experience with:

Power Platform

Rapidly create apps and action loops to engage the human factor, turning data into a 2-way street. Plan. Cooperate. Act.


From data lakes to virtual desktops, we can help you leverage the elasticity of the leading cloud infrastructure.

Paginated Reports

From pixel-perfect doc creation to truly paginated reports, we make SSRS a valuable complement to Power BI.

SQL Server

The familiar workhorse now has many flavors, and we know them all (plus many of its competitors).

Visualization and Design

Powerful analytics mean nothing if your users can't engage with them, but don't worry - we're as fluent in human as tech.


On the rare occasion that a data model outgrows Power BI's limits, SSAS steps up. And so do we.

SSIS / Data Factory / Data Flows

Whether your data lives on-prem, in the cloud, or a hybrid: we can shape it, clean it, and deliver it where it needs to go.

Power Pivot

AKA "Power BI in Excel," Power Pivot is Excel's most powerful feature and the surest way to multiply the capabilities of your spreadsheet gurus.

Non-Microsoft Tech

While the MS platform is an excellent hub, no one runs purely on a single vendor's software. We've integrated everything from Salesforce to SAP to Oracle for our clients.

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