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Donald Farmer

Principal, Treehive Strategy

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Donald Farmer is a data artist and Jedi of sorts.  His BI wisdom is unmatched and he shares this knowledge as we cover his early interest in computers (and the power that they gave the user), the history of PowerPivot from one of the former “faces of Microsoft BI”, and so much more!  It’s so very easy to respect this venerable figure of the data world.  Here’s Donald’s website, Treehive Strategy

References in this episode:

Thomas Davenport’s Competing on Analytics

Donald’s Treehouse

Donald As PowerPivot Yoda

Donald As Qlik Yoda

Rob’s Blog Post Featuring Alison Farmer’s Artwork

Episode Timeline:

  • 3:45 – Donald has had the data itch for a very long time and discovered power at an early age. It’s a heck of an origin story!
  • 11:15- The guys share some Donald Farmer stories, Tom’s Donald inspired epiphany, and the Data Mining Add-In
  • 20:00 – The history of Project Gemini AKA Power Pivot, the death of ProClarity, and the importance of tools of choice
  • 39:45 – Data Artistry, some great Bill Gates stories, remote working
  • 58:45 – The Community of purpose, and Power BI’s features vs the competition, and the Treehive
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