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Ken Puls

President and Chief Training Officer, Excelguru Consulting Inc.

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Ken Puls is the epitome of an Excel and Power BI guru by being an incredible guide, a teacher, and “Remover of Darkness” of the secrets of these tools. Born from a fusion of Accounting and IT, Ken’s mastery of Excel includes VBA programming and Power Pivot modeling, data cleansing and reshaping, and financial modeling.  We highly encourage you to check out Ken’s website,, if you desire to be enlightened in the ways of Excel and Power BI.

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Episode Timeline:

  • 7:20 – Mr. Excel is in the house, Ken’s Origin story is born from an IT and Accounting fusion, and Rob reveals some little known Excel facts
  • 33:50 – Who will protect us from the Alien Invasion?  And some scenarios that may start a fight!
  • 1:10:45 – Microsoft 365 VS The Perpetual Version, Are Array Formulas still widely used?, and Lambda Functions
  • 1:25:35 – Ken shares something that ties Rob to a cool add-in called Monkey Tools
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