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Quickbooks Analytics When You Can’t Find the ‘Any’ Key w/ Chuck Vigeant

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On today’s episode, Chuck Vigeant, founder/CEO of Clearify, entrepreneur, speaker, leadership consultant, golf aficionado, and, the mastermind behind QQube, brings his most interesting stories of XML, ETL, and even some PGA. He discusses the frustration of accessing data in QuickBooks, sometimes a download can take 12+ hours. For many QuickBooks users, workarounds have become too complicated and time-consuming so they have resorted to deleting data yearly to save time. Can you imagine? Deleting data to access data? It’s madness!

Don’t worry, though, Chuck explains how Clearify provides an interface to give users a method to bolt QuickBooks up to Power BI through the QQubes ETL engine. Bottom line: he and his team put in the time and energy so that the users can reap the rewards of Power BI. He makes sure the data won’t be locked in. And, as an added bonus, he even throws in some great calculations for good measure (pun intended) as well as access to create custom calculations as needed.

It is an interesting visit, for sure, with Chuck asking some very thoughtful questions of our hosts. There may even be a genealogical tie or two that makes him family.  Overall, his data story is more about helping others and making the world a better place. What more can you ask for than a feel-good story of data, positive energy, and contagious happiness.

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