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John Hancock

CEO, Hubstream

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Data guy by day, crimefighter also by day!  John Hancock has revolutionized the Law Enforcement space with his company Hubstream.  His team uses advanced data techniques and tools to assist investigators to battle all manner of illegal activity.  His story, his data journey, and even his accent are fascinating!

Episode Timeline:

  • 1:35 – Project Gemini is how Rob and John met, the evolution of BI tools, and that pesky status quo
  • 13:50 – The story of John Hancock the crimefighter AKA Captain Correlate…and how Hubstream was born
  • 31:25 – How do you build a data warehouse that doesn’t fail? In part, it’s understanding Humans.  And an explanation on the marvel that is Hubstream
  • 1:30:45 – The team is…everything!
  • 1:40:10 – How are Power BI and the Power Platform involved in Hubstream
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