Only Amateurs Name Drop Steve Ballmer, w/ Mike Nichols

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Get ready for an exciting episode of Raw Data by P3 Adaptive! Our guest today is Mike Nichols, a consumer technology and entertainment leader with a proven track record of building growth businesses and exceptional organizations. He’s none other than the former Chief Marketing Officer at Xbox, who played a critical role in turning around the Xbox One release with his customer-centric and innovative marketing campaigns featuring #AaronPaul and #DannyMcBride. But that’s not all—our guest also had a significant impact on the development of Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, which was originally launched as Microsoft Live.

Mike also shares his data journey and some inside information on how he brings people together to drive growth and build iconic brands. He shares his insights on customer-centricity, innovation, diversity, and teamwork, and how these principles have guided his leadership throughout his career. From Xbox to Bing, our guest has left a lasting impact on the tech industry, and as a bonus, we even get to learn the truth about what “BING” stands for and what Mike knows about the naming process.

It’s not all facts today, though, we do get a little speculation as Rob, Mike, and Tom delve into a fascinating debate about the divorce rate at Microsoft. Tom proposes a theory on the durability of first marriages for the first generation of Microsoft employees, and Rob and Mike weigh in on whether the overall rate is higher than the general public’s and, more importantly, whether the rate is higher for Microsoft employees who were closely associated with Rob Collie. Is it the Microsoft Effect or the Rob Collie Effect? Regardless, this interesting discussion sheds light on the impact of work culture on personal relationships and the challenges of maintaining a healthy work-life balance in the tech industry.

Join us for an episode that is both entertaining and thought-provoking, as we explore the people behind the tech and the impact of work culture on personal relationships. This is an episode you won’t want to miss!

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