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Crypto-Fantasy Leftists are an Exclusive Tribe, w/ Davis Mattek

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Hello friends!

On today’s episode, our host, Rob sits down with one of his podcast idols, Davis Mattek of TaekCast. As you know, Rob is a big fan of Fantasy Football (and a former P3 League Champion with the videos to prove it) so it is no big surprise to learn he follows several fantasy football and sports podcasts in his free time. In fact, if you are familiar with TaekCast, you may have noticed some similarities between our show and Davis’. Imitation is, of course, the best form of flattery . . .

As for Davis, he is another guest with an accidental data story. His data origin story doesn’t include childhood dreams of data goodness, nor did he embrace the educational background of statistics. While numbers and analytics underpin his methods of sports forecasting, shockingly, this sports analyst just inherently understands how statistics work while including variables and outliers and all the wonderful ‘what ifs’ that occur during any given sports season. And that, my friends, makes him an accidental person of tech.

He is here today to shed some light on his roster choices but also on the mysterious Crypto and Blockchain currencies. And you never know, maybe a little glimmer of light will highlight some conspiracy theories and backstories as well. In this episode, Rob and Tom delve deeper into digital currencies than before and who knows, maybe, just maybe, a fortune can be made.

At the end of the day, though, Davis is just a really cool person with an enlightening story that we are sure you will enjoy. Be sure to download this episode to hear his story and after you listen, leave us a review on your favorite platform.

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