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Joe Phelan

Retired-Experienced CEO, COO, Executive Director & current Non-Executive Director

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Quick, everyone get your act together, we’ve got a bigwig coming through: Joe Phelan, former CEO of DHL Global Mail and Swissport North America, and now (among other things) Chief Strategy Adviser at P3.
We get his valuable C-suite perspective on a number of topics, including:

  • What is the typical “data diet” for a CEO these days?
  • The tension between good summaries and robust drilldown capability
  • Is the C-suite truly more “in” on data today than previously, or is it all just lip service?
  • Business and IT relations in an increasingly democratized data environment
  • Splicing across siloes, and Power BI’s ability to circumvent the need for data warehousing
  • How COVID’s new normal may very well be here to stay
  • IoT and automation, and how they drive the need for even more BI
  • The parallels between the FP&A mission and the BI mission
  • Robustness versus efficiency in the modern supply chain
  • How “data people” can best contribute value to leadership – and get recognized for it

Joe Phelan in Supply And Demand Chain Executive Magazine

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