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Derek Rickard

Chief Data Officer, Emergency Reporting

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Derek Rickard has a super cool title, he’s the Chief Data Officer at Emergency Reporting-their software simplifies Fire & EMS reporting and records management, making a positive difference for first responders everywhere.  He’s one of the very first people to discover the gamechanger that is PowerPivot back in the day, and it reshaped his entire career.  He, like so many other data people, has a want to help others and his story will very likely resonate with a lot of you!

References in this episode:

Rob’s 3 Part Opus on the Relationship Between Power BI and Paginated Reports

The Story of the Dread Pirate Roberts

Dr. Wayne Winston on Raw Data

P3 Adaptive President and COO Kellen Danielson on Raw Data

Episode Timeline:
2:55 – Derek’s Origin story is founded in Excel and is quite similar to Rob’s, and maybe some of you!
17:40 – A little insight on how Emergency Reporting works with Power BI Embedded, and a debate about in house analytics engine building
44:10 – Power BI’s self-service capabilities and Emergency Reporting, ER a slam-dunk for a case study for MS, Chief Data Officer is quite the title and job description

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