The Spirit of “Why Not” with Bob Pop Collie

Raw Data's 50th Episode!

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This is the 50th Episode of Raw Data!  Thank you to our wonderful guests that have made this podcast so enjoyable.  We also would not be doing this show if it wasn’t for you, the listener.  We thank you so very much for your support!  We sought to talk with and about the humans that make the data world go around, and we feel that’s exactly what we’re doing!

For this episode, we wanted to do something a bit different.  Our guest is a very special human-Bob “Pop” Collie is Rob’s 96 year old grandfather on his father’s side.  Rob credits Pop Collie for so many things, like teaching him the power of “Why Not?”  That spirit of “Why Not?” has molded and shaped not only Rob’s philosophy, but it’s also a huge part of the philosophy of P3 Adaptive.  When someone tells us something is not possible, we ask….”why not?”  And make it possible!

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