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Join us for an enlightening chat with Excel maestro, Szilvia Juhasz. We’re diving into captivating tales, including that memorable moment when Szilvia left an indelible mark on the celebrated Mr. Excel with her pivot table expertise. Walk with us down memory lane, spotlighting the pioneering steps of those early Power Pivot champions. And, for a fun aside, we may even share the origins of the “RC Columns” cocktail – a cheeky gin-based nod to the legends of the Excel world.

Switching lanes, we’ll delve into the upcoming Energy & Mobility Conference & Expo conference curated by Szilvia. This promises to be a standout 3-day event, zoning in on renewable energy, space exploration’s exciting horizons, and our collective sustainable future. And, as a completely unrelated side note, check out  P3 Adaptive’s Workshop for the Expo: Supply Chain and Energy Industry Performance Benchmarking with Power BI!

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget to throw in some data. For the data-curious among you, we’ve snuck in an entertaining and unexpected segment: an exploration of the unique relationship between historical UFO sightings and the trends in the pharmaceutical industry completed by none other than our favorite host, Rob of course. The findings? You just have to listen to find out!

In a nutshell, gear up for a balanced mix of tech insights, data discussions, and entertaining tales from inside the fun-loving Excel community. You won’t want to miss Szilvia’s perspective on the ever-expanding possibilities in our favorite data software. Whether you’re deep into Excel, fascinated by space, or a fan of thoughtful conversations, this is a can’t-miss episode!

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