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Hugh Millen

Former NFL Quarterback and Data Nerd

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Hugh Millen is a former NFL quarterback and currently a television and radio sports analyst.  He’s also a data aficionado, whose story is another great example of a unique path that a person with a keen interest in data has taken.  He’s leveraged that data knowledge and used it to further his NFL career and he applies it daily in his analyst job.

Random References In This Episode:
Teddy Roosevelt’s Man in the Arena Speech

The Pale Blue Dot

Episode Timeline:
3:10 – The humble Hugh Millen
12:40 – Hugh’s data origin story heavily involves football and his data knowledge parlayed into big bucks
28:30 – The impact of data in sports and the parallels of Sports and Business analytics
57:20 – A discussion about the value of football in society yields some deep and philosophical tangents

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