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Get your popcorn ready and get ready to be entertained by our latest episode! In this episode, our host Rob Collie is joined by our data visualization and reporting specialist, Dave Rivera, who showcases the power of the Power Platform in his recent project to find the answer to a complex data question: “Which movie had the most decorated cast based on having received an Academy Award for acting?”

Using Power Query to scrape Wikipedia and Power Automate to gather information from IMDB, Dave created an elegant and accurate solution in under eight hours. He then ranked the actors by nominations and wins, created a ranking system for the movies based on the cast involved, and displayed the data in a user-friendly format using Power BI.

In this episode, Dave takes us through his journey of tackling this complex question and showcases the power of the Power Platform in making the solution simple and efficient. So sit back, grab your favorite snack, and tune in to learn more about data visualization, reporting, and the amazing possibilities of the Power Platform!

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