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Gordon Rowe III

Special Ops at North Creek Nurseries

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Gordon Rowe III’s nickname among his peers is The Gandalf of Data, and for good reason-he’s truly a wizard when it comes to the unconventional tools that he uses. What he does with the 2010 version of PowerPivot will blow your mind! He works in the nursery and horticulture space with North Creek Nurseries. Gordon knows his woody plants…and his DAX!

References in this episode:

The Excel Addict

Longwood Gardens

Highline Gardens in New York

Rob’s Scatter Chart Blog Post

Episode Timeline:
4:50 – Gordon’s plant-based journey, the wonder of discovery through PowerPivot and DAX, and how Gordon was (and still is) excelling despite using older tools
29:30 – Why NOT Power BI for Gordon? More problems for Gordon to solve, and the cannabis industry
48:25 – North Creek Nursery history, the state of P3 Adaptive, the nursery industry during COVID, and data artistry

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