The Power Platform is for Kids Too, w/ Zara and Zenubia Khan

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On this episode of Raw Data by P3 Adaptive, we set a new record for the number of times the word “Wow” is used in a single episode. What could possibly impress our veteran hosts to the point of leaving them speechless except for single-word answers?

We’re glad you asked. Today, we host Zara and Zenubia Kahn, 11-year-old twins on a mission to inspire young girls in STEM and turn the Power Platform world on its head. Hailing from Pakistan and currently residing in Singapore, these sisters have a track record of setting and breaking goals at a young age by earning certifications in both Microsoft Power Platform and in Azure AI by the age of 10.

Since becoming Power Platform Superstars, these amazing young ladies have participated in many global events espousing the importance of STEM education and motivating both children and adults alike to learn new skills. As a result of their hard work and dedication, Zara and Zenubia have been awarded the National Youth Award for 2021.

Zara and Zenubia Kahn are grade 6 students who enjoy swimming, cycling, and the exciting wizardry world of Harry Potter. Oh, and also, they are the youngest certified in Microsoft Platform and Azure AI professionals. At age 11 they are already dividing projects, assigning responsibility, building apps, and inspiring young women everywhere.

Sit back and listen as our hosts learn the inspiring story behind their success.

Also on this episode:

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Zara and Zenubia on LinkedIn


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