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Chris Webb

Principal Program Manager-Power BI Customer Advisory Team, Microsoft

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Chris Webb is an OG in the Microsoft data universe, having long-time knowledge of the Microsoft Data Platform…even pre-dating Rob’s own experience with the tools!
He’s a Principal Program Manager on Microsoft’s elite Power BI Customer Advisory Team (The CAT Team)!  He and Rob have known each other for a long time. Their relationship was, at times, adversarial.  Now, though, they are allies that spread the gospel of Power BI and the Microsoft Power Platform!

References in this episode:

Hitler Hits A Breaking Point With Tableau

American Chopper Meme

The PBI Specific American Chopper Meme

Episode Timeline:

  • 4:05 – Chris’s gateway drug into Microsoft BI was MDX, Training challenges and saving souls, and the predecessor to Analysis Services
  • 17:00 – Chris’s OLAP experience, DAX vs MDX, Chris and Rob reflect on a decade old nerd fight
  • 34:40 – Dave Grohl and Ratatouille, why we need certain functions and OLAP, and the power of PR
  • 50:00 – Tableau to Power BI migration, self-service BI,  PBI’s feedback system, and Excel adopters
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