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Matt Allington

Power BI Consultant, Trainer, & Microsoft MVP

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Matt Allington is a Power BI consultant, Trainer, Microsoft MVP, author, and a friend! Matt has worked for many years in the retail and CPG industries, has a very deep knowledge of Business Intelligence and Data Analytics, and currently owns a Power BI consultancy ExceleratorBI in Australia.

Here’s the link to Matt’s book-Supercharge Power BI: Power BI Is Better When You Learn to Write DAX

Episode Timeline:

2:00 – Did Matt and Tom the SQL Rockstar previously meet each other?
6:25 – Matt’s origin story is an epic and relatable journey of discovery
14:00 – The importance of process (and we adopt Matt’s superior pronunciation of the word)
25:35 – Business, Sales, and IT (and once again the importance of Hybrid roles)
29:10 – The evolution of BI tools, and the best and worst of the bunch
37:15 – Structure VS Flexibility in BI tools
48:55 – Power BI and Power Query enter the fray, Excel people get angry, and everyone has the same opinion of Power View
53:50- The friction Tom got from adding Business Analytics to conference menus, and the birth of BACon
1:08:45 – Matt’s connection to Rob’s broken leg
1:11:05 – Training remotely in the COVID world, and The Collie Layout Methodology
1:16:20 – Rob takes exception to Matt’s math

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