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Michael Salfino

Owner, Meadowlands Media Group & Journalist for The Wall Street Journal, FiveThirtyEight, The Athletic, & The Independent

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This episode features journalist Michael Salfino; who writes for The Wall Street Journal, FiveThirtyEight, The Athletic and other top shelf publications. In a spirited and wide-ranging discussion, we cover all of this (and yes, we use the word “multiverse” a few times):

  • The statistic that changed Mike’s life
  • The wisdom of Einstein and Twain
  • The theme of the Hybrid professional resurfaces, this time for Analytics and Communication
  • Why your career is a decathlon, and 90th percentile can actually be 99th
  • How it’s often better to be LESS informed in your own domain
  • Why the courage to improve must be fostered top-down rather than bottom-up
  • How analytics might be “ruining” sports (and sports might be bad for compassion)
  • Why theory is “over” facts, and facts sometimes should be ignored
  • Why Rob thinks predicting political winners is VERY different from predicting sports winners

Here’s some handy dandy links for you:
Michael Salfino’s Twitter
Michael’s article on Data In Politics
Michael’s article on Facial Recognition and Race
Michael’s article on Movie Ratings 

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