Zen and the Art of Knowing When to Jump Ship w/ Chris Wagner

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Fasten your seatbelts, folks! Today, we’re chatting with Chris Wagner, the original Data God of Kratos BI, whose career has seemingly shaped the entire business intelligence (BI) industry. One can’t help but wonder, if there was no Chris Wagner, where on earth would we be today?

Chris might just be the ultimate BI hybrid, skillfully navigating across platforms and staying flexible while progressing from storage to interactivity and finally to cross-source data modeling, thanks to Power BI. And get this, his data origin story began as the lone student setting up computers in the lab alongside Dr. Cray!

Join Chris, Rob, and Tom as they dive into the captivating history of mapping and diagramming data, from the most primitive methods (think yarn and tables in a Ford Motor Company conference room) to today’s sophisticated digital tools. The conversation takes an intriguing turn as we uncover a personal story of collateral damage from a reporting assignment, sparking a lively debate on the politics of data sharing. The takeaway? Hidden data exists, and sometimes it’s best to keep it that way.

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