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Kasper de Jonge

Analytics Advisor and Principal Program Manager-Power BI, Microsoft

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Kasper de Jonge’s areas of expertise are many-Business Intelligence, Power BI, DAX, PowerPivot, General BI, Datawarehouse, SSIS, Reporting Services, Analysis Services, SQL Server, and you can include a mean basketball crossover to that list!

As Analytics Advisor and Principal Program Manager of Power BI, he knows a great deal about the problems that BI customers face daily.  He shares some of these experiences and his expertise, and we have some good laughs along the way as well!

Check out Kasper’s awesome blog Kasper on BI

References In This Episode:

Inglorious Bastards Italian Scene

Episode Timeline:

  • 2:45 – A basketball challenge in New Orleans, Kasper’s MS history with Power Pivot and Power BI, and the culture change at Microsoft
  • 15:45 – The culture shock in moving to the United States
  • 28:50 – The death of Power BI V1, and some James Phillips stories
  • 40:00 – Office VS the Freedom to Innovate, Excel/Power BI Integration, and how software development has evolved
  • 51:15 – The Amazing Power BI Cat Team, and the processes that they use to solve problems
  • 1:05:50 – Some bad Microsoft product names, DAX VS MDX, and the many different people that are in IT
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