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Matt Selig

Exec. Vice President, Chief Financial Officer & Chief Human Resources Officer at SerVaas Labs

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Matt Selig wears many hats at SerVaas Labs, maker of Bar Keepers Friend (BKF). When facing pain points to running more efficiently before COVID struck, Matt knew how he wanted the BKF data to look, but he wasn’t sure how to get there. Enter his relationship with P3 Adaptive that began in February 2020. Matt kept the in-demand cleaning product of a post-COVID world top of mind and easily accessible with the help of customized and integrated dashboards to read real-time data for better business decisions.  Read the BKF/P3 Adaptive Case Study here!

Episode Timeline:
3:55 – The fascinating history of Bar Keepers Friend and founder Beurt SerVaas
5:50 – People’s excited reactions to BKF are similar to people’s excited reactions to Power BI
9:50 – Matt’s many hats that he wears – From forklift driver to Executive Vice President, from curating and caretaking the Bar Keepers Friend Museum to BI Director- he does it all!
13:40 – Matt’s history with Excel and how new tech and software was (and still sometimes is) shunned by the C-Suite
21:45 – A frustrating Pain Point that led Matt to the Power BI and P3 Adaptive path, and the infamous Cocktail Napkin Dashboard Sketch
26:35 – Discovering Power BI was like discovering fire, and the ever-present pushback by the status quo
29:20 – The sociological aspect of large and small corporations, and The Dunbar Number-the rule of how many people one can maintain cognitive relationships with effectively
32:45 – The concept of one version of the truth is essential in answering vital business questions
39:30 – Matt Selig could be the Nostradamus of the modern age. He implemented Power BI at SerVaas Labs in February 2020, and it was truly the better way in the post-COVID world. He also managed to avoid some predatory “huckster” consultants before he partnered with P3
45:05 – Rob’s crucial BI project timeline advice for 2021, Matt the BI and Power Platform sponge, and how SerVaas Labs and P3 Adaptive work together to create amazing reports
55:50 – A peek inside of what’s coming for Servaas Labs and Bar Keeper’s Friend in 2021 is Enterprise level stuff

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