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Ryan Bergstrom

Director Of Client Services, P3 Adaptive

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It’s clear when you listen to Ryan Bergstrom tell his story as to why he is a leader here at P3 Adaptive.  His problem-solving ability is incredible, and he loves to teach and help others.  That vibe sounds quite familiar, the data community has a such great reputation for altruism!  Ryan’s drive, tenacity, and resilience have led him on a path to success, and he’s just getting warmed up!  It’s a great story that we hope will inspire the future data rock stars out there.

References in this episode:
The Saturday Night Live Wolverine Skit <br>
(The very first SNL skit to air!)

The Pokemon Optimizer Blog Post

Episode Timeline:

  • 2:45- Bergs’s journey begins with a degree in Finance (pronunciation matters!), living in his parent’s basement, and selling gym memberships…Ryan quickly realized that was NOT for him
  • 23:45 – Rob’s dream about Bergs, the value of the new tools, and Ryan is way better than he thought at this stuff
  • 52:45 – An interesting data problem Rob’s been working on
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