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Rebooting Excel and Reinventing Ourselves, w/ Charlie Ellis

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On today’s episode, Charlie Ellis, former Program Manager at Microsoft and expert on the heart of excel, the calc engine, sits down for an amazing conversation. He brings with him stories of the evolution of Office that began with the retooling of Excel 2007. That reboot went on to become a veritable restart of the program that nearly wiped the slate clean by creating what would in essence become a new, more responsive product.  With so many big changes happening at the same time inevitably there was some pushback from the users. Fortunately, for modern users, those changes were pushed through and eventually removed a ton of the frustrations of the original Excel.

This recording was unique. Emotions ran high, personality types were broken down, and all parties involved pulled back the curtain on their inner selves. Instead of just focusing on Impostor Syndrome, in this episode we hear more about being neurodivergent and how that can affect the work-life balance as well as the work personality that our coworkers are exposed to through social compassion.  Of course, when things get that real, some conversations have to be taken with a grain of salt and ultimately removed from the episode. Don’t worry, at the end of the day, as with every episode and every topic, we all remain friends and perhaps even grow a little closer because of the conversation.

Through thoughtful redirection, everyone involved artfully steers the conversation back to less dangerous but no less interesting waters. While you don’t get to hear it all, you won’t want to miss this episode.

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