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Krissy Dyess

Director Of Client Services, P3 Adaptive

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Krissy Dyess is a prime example of inspiration and adaptability.  She made a decision to better her knowledge of the updated and evolving BI tools through self-teaching, and with help from the amazing data community.  She went from being stuck in a cubicle, to being a team leader at one of the best BI consulting firms in the world.  And she creates excellent Cat Memes!

References in this episode

Telling Ain’t Training by Harold D. Stolovitch

David Churchward’s SQL UNPIVOT Makes My Data Skinny blog post

Dave Grohl Explains Everlong

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Episode Timeline:

  • 0:00 – Krissy’s history is her story, Krissy is the nicest stalker ever, and the art of self-teaching
  • 23:40 – Abstract learning vs hands-on learning, the role of the community in teaching, Krissy is a Power BI Evangelist
  • 45:00 – Krissy’s thirst for knowledge leads her to Seattle and a moment of clarity, her transition into being a consultant and trainer at a young upstart P3 Adaptive
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