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What is Data May Never Die, w/ Scree

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Hello friends! On today’s episode, we bring back the greatest of the great, the all-time champ of Raw Data Downloads, the DAX Demon himself, The Scree! I am sure you will recall His Un-Deadness, evil genius of the Undead Lords Guild from his record-setting, chart-topping, last appearance on our show where he shared the secrets of the inner workings of gaming guilds and data.

During this visit, Scree shares anecdotes of his data prowess harkening back to the early days of recreational internet and gaming guilds. He reminisces about his early days in the Breed group on Deviant Art where he honed his storytelling and visualization skills to better appreciate and integrate a visually appealing UX. Don’t worry, though, this episode doesn’t dwell in the past, the conversation also covers the genius behind data automation with Power BI and Power Query where Scree admirably points out that such automation is like adding an additional member to the team, basically equivocating the Power Platform as the business version of the industrial revolution. . . and he isn’t wrong.

Finally, Rob broaches the topic we have all been waiting for, the EVE online export to excel announcement that drove the gaming crowd nuts at the conference. With his insider knowledge of gaming guilds, online gaming, and “space corporations and alliances,” Scree handily explains the intricacies of data and spreadsheets for monetizing subscription hours on the platform. He hints that export to excel will level the playing field for the EVE online entities that didn’t have access to people with tech skills. Will this lead to alliance expansions or new factions on the playing field? Only time will tell.

All this and more on today’s episode of Raw Data by P3, where data meets the human element!

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