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Readily Ticket’s Series of Fortunate Events, w/ David Wood

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Today, we welcome David Wood, founder of Eventene, to share the story of his exceptional journey through the ever-evolving field of computer technology and the extensive digital transformation it has undergone over the years. David will take us back to his high school days when his interest in technology was first sparked by the purchase of a scientific calculator with programming capabilities. While nowadays, your cellphone may hold more computing power, back in the day, a programable calculator with 210 programable steps, 21 memories, and a full complement of scientific functions was the bleeding edge of technology . . . and for David, it was his gateway to the world of technology.

David shares his journey from that calculator to personal computers and discusses his personal induction into the world of coding through VisiCalc and Unicode. He draws a parallel between the impact of spreadsheets and the digital transformation that is currently taking place in his chosen field of event planning.

With the advent of cloud computing and smart mobile devices, event planning is undergoing a transformation, and David, thanks to his work with the Boy Scouts of America, is at the forefront of this change. As a result of the mass quantity of data required to plan a scout event, he became the creator of Eventene, an online software solution that promises to revolutionize event planning. David envisions Eventene to become as essential for event planners as spreadsheets are for working with numbers and data, saving time and effort for years to come, regardless of the scale of the event. This is a story that promises to be insightful and entertaining. After all, you have to enjoy reminiscing about the technology of days gone by.

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