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Paul Boynton

Principal Consultant-P3

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For Thanksgiving week we think it’s only appropriate to discuss the alcohol industry. For this, we welcome P3 Adaptive principal consultant and alcohol industry veteran Paul Boynton. He and the crew discuss the tremendous amount of data that exists in the alcohol industry, hostages VS volunteers in training sessions, the culture at P3, and some great uncomfortable stories from Rob’s days at Microsoft. Any great holiday get-together has to include a few laughs, and that we do. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

2:00 – P3 Adaptive and The Human Element
5:25 – Are you a hostage or a volunteer?
9:15 – Paul’s Power BI moment of clarity
14:30 – Power BI Training stories
22:15 – The Gateway Formula
25:50 – To Maintain or Not Maintain the Status Quo
29:55 – Company cultures, Rob’s epic Bill Gates and other horror stories
45:35 – Let’s talk about booze, data, Category Managers, planograms and the Wild West that the alcohol industry still is
55:25 – How analytics leaves the computer screen, and how the human element comes into play
59:05 – Alcohol pretty much sells itself, but it’s a data goldmine
1:05:00 – The 3 top opportunities in the alcohol industry for applying data more effectively
1:11:30 – Transformation in the alcohol distribution world and new ideas that are very strange and kind of cool
1:18:40 – PI Charts, Dark Mode, Dropshadow…you either love them or hate them!

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