Sid Jayadevan and Miguel Llopis - P3 Adaptive

Sid Jayadevan and
Miguel Llopis

Co-Creators of Power Query

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It was an honor to sit down with two of the creators of Power Query, Sid Jayadevan and Miguel Llopis.  You get to hear the history of Power Query from their perspective. These guys are so busy it took quite a bit of coordination to get them together to record this episode.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

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Episode Timeline:

  • 4:45 – The Origin of Power Query, and the importance of M
  • 19:00 – How the various Microsoft departments come together for a big project
  • 30:15 – The many uses of PQ and the Power Platform, error handling in PQ, and some solutions to some common problems
  • 53:30 – What’s next for PQ and Dataflows
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