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Jonathan Perl

CEO, Noah Technologies

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Power BI has altered the course of many people’s lives for the better, and that is surely the case with our guest Jonathan Perl.  Coming from a financial background, he was already well versed in the Business Intelligence tools of the past. But the Power Platform spoke volumes to Jon.  So much so that he changed his entire career path in order to share his expertise with these tools with others (and make a few shekels while he’s at it).  His data journey is as unique as they come!

Episode Timeline:

  • 1:55 – A LinkedIn message turns into an awesome friendship and professional relationship, Jon not only identifies but solves a problem in the Supply Chain, and Jon’s new software product NOAH is born!
  • 15:25 Jon’s ability to extract useful data from the dirtiest garbage is amazing!  Cut and Sold-sounds simple, it isn’t so simple.
  • 30:00 Which backgrounds are the best makeup for C-suite executives
  • 54:30 Rob’s experience of an orthodox Shabbat observance at Jon’s place was eye-opening…and what’s next for Jon Perl?
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