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Arun Ulag

Corporate Vice President of the Business Intelligence Platform at Microsoft

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Who better to talk about the past, present, and future of BI than Microsoft Corporate Vice President of the Business Intelligence Platform Arun Ulag. We’re all excited for the upcoming Microsoft Business Applications Launch Event on April 6th!

References in this Episode:
Monty Python Camelot Scene

Dirty Daxing Tweet

Something About Mary 7 Minute Abs Scene

The Giant Backlog of Power BI Ideas


Episode Timeline:

  • 1:20 – Arun’s data journey, and the death of Power BI V1
  • 17:20 – The story behind the new Power BI icon, why Gartner’s magic quadrant favors Power BI
  • 35:20 – Arun’s shares what keeps him up at night, the future of Power BI, and PBI Adoption
  • 52:30 – Power BI improves lives, especially Excel and V-Lookup people’s lives and the evolution of P3 Adaptive
  • 1:07:20 – Wolfram Data Types, the Azure Data Market, and some cool futuristic Power BI features announced at the Power BI Business Applications Summit
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