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Upcoming Dashboard in a Day Course

In the current economic climate businesses are being asked to leverage data to make critical business decisions in an even faster, more efficient, precise, and effective manner than ever before.

Written by on July 31, 2022

March Madness Hits P3 Adaptive

March has arrived! You know what that means, it’s that time of the year where March Madness is officially upon us! But it’s also a time where analytics can completely transform how you approach March Madness

Written by on March 14, 2022

2022 The Year of the Remote Migration

Recent data from Zip Recruiter suggests that 2022 will be the year for changing jobs. The ongoing, global Covid challenge has shifted much of the workforce from an “in-the-office” mentality to more of a remote “the office is anywhere you are” mindset.

Written by on March 3, 2022

Calculation Groups to the Rescue!

o set the stage, I need you to travel back in time with me a bit. The year was 2019, and none of us had ever heard of COVID-19…those were simpler times.

Written by on March 31, 2021