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September 16, 2022

Star Power Prime – Ranking all movies by star power!

Non-Football Examples
March 25, 2022

March Data-Ness II – The Method Behind the Madness

Non-Football Examples
January 4, 2018

Power BI Feature Spotlight: Bookmarks

April 13, 2011

DAX – A/B Campaign Analysis with Start & End Date Slicers

March 31, 2011

Guest Post: Nth Occurrence DAX Formula

January 16, 2011

Campaign Analysis: Seasonally-Adjusted Measures

June 3, 2010

PowerPivot time intelligent functions: why use ALL() and how to work around it

March 1, 2010

Guest Post: Dany Hoter on Cube Formulas

Cube Formulas
February 21, 2010

Generating a Tag Cloud via PowerPivot

Non-Football Examples
February 5, 2010

PowerPivot Data in Scatter Charts, etc.

Non-Football Examples