March Madness Hits P3 Adaptive

March Madness Hits P3 Adaptive

March has arrived! You know what that means, it’s that time of the year where March Madness is officially upon us! But it’s also a time where analytics can completely transform how you approach March Madness. As non-data people scramble to pull together the best team to fill their bracket and one up their friends, family, and coworkers, the data folks create a model, plug in some data, and calculate. This year, P3 Adaptive is your secret weapon as we share a few of our secrets using the Power Platform to edge out the competition and dominate the bracket. Buckle up and prepare for the ride!

The Data Gene Never Sleeps

If you have listened to our Raw Data by P3 Adaptive Podcast, you may have heard about a little something special called the “data gene”. This particular “gene” manifests in a small portion of the population. It is said that the data gene is what turns “data janitors” and “data curators” into data champions. One of the most interesting characteristics of a person who possess this gene is the inability to leave Power BI, Power Query, and all things data behind at the office when the workday is through. The people with the data gene just naturally gravitate to finding and playing with data in all aspects of their lives.

Yes, that even includes sports fandoms. (Actually, in our experience, mostly sport fandoms! Check out podcast with Coach Hargis)

You may have seen our social media series on fantasy football and the cool trophy our champion took home. That Power BI model was a work of art, showcasing how the rosters were impacted game by game.  Sadly, however, football season is over.  For some that means several months without cheering, jeering, and partying. For others though, it means that March Madness has arrived and now it is time to spotlight basketball.

If you agree that our Fantasy Football Power BI model was a work of art, just wait until you see the masterpiece that P3 Adaptive’s very own Mitch Marois has created to help you fill in your March Bracket!

It has style!

It has grace!


The Best Part

Well, you know we always keep a little something extra up our sleeves for our faithful followers and this little teaser is no different. Not only are we letting you take a peek into our March Madness Bracket Magic, but we are also going to let you have limited access to the report. But wait, like they say on TV, there’s more!

Over the next couple of weeks, we are going to take you behind the scenes and show you how the model was built and how Machine Learning was used to predict accurate outcomes. Then we are going to track the season with you on our social media feeds so that you get a front row seat to the real-life application of machine learning in sports. Granted, this particular feature is currently only available in Power BI Premium but once you see it in action, you are going to want to know more.


Click the link below to check out the bracket!


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