Category: DAX

February 26, 2012

DAX – Correlating “Fuzzy Time” Events in One Table with Precise Measurements in Another Table

Custom Calendars
February 16, 2012

Converting from Peaks to Frequencies Using DAX

Custom Calendars
February 14, 2012

Peak Detection: A Surprising Usage of DAX

Custom Calendars
February 7, 2012

Lookups based on date ranges

Accounting and Finance
February 2, 2012

DAX – Tracking Performance After an Event or Treatment

January 31, 2012

DAX – Comparing scientific and other data across trials

Custom Calendars
January 24, 2012

Prepayments & Deferred Revenue Using DAX

Accounting and Finance
January 19, 2012

Data of Different Grains Using DAX: A Followup

Accounting and Finance
January 12, 2012

Sales/Budget: Integrating Data of Different “Grains”

Accounting and Finance
January 5, 2012

DAX – Switching Subtotals On & Off Dynamically Using DAX in PowerPivot

Accounting and Finance