“There, good as new.”

By Now, You’ve Probably Seen This

So you’re typing along, writing a DAX measure.  And suddenly, poof!  Autocomplete stops working.

This happens to me all day, every day.  Especially when I use the [Measure]( filter expression ) syntax.  Here’s a quick “before and after” example:

PowerPivot autocomplete is working

Autocomplete is Working for Table/Column Names

PowerPivot autocomplete is NOT working

Same Table Name, But Autocomplete is NOT Working

Grab Your Duct Tape…

A guy named Scott Kaylie showed me this about six months ago and I am just now getting around to posting it.  Yes, my backlog of posts has in fact grown to be at least six months long Sad smile

Anyway, here’s the trick.  Just put a * in between the measure and the open parenthesis, as if you were going to multiply the measure by another expression:

Tricking autocomplete into working with *

OK, so then just go ahead and finish writing the measure, leaving the * in there:

Tricking autocomplete into working with *

And then, at the very end, go back and remove the *…

Tricking autocomplete into working with *

Voila.  Ugly yes, but much better than having no workaround.  Thanks Scott.

Any other questions please consult the following home repair manual:

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