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Power Pivot and Power BI, 2nd Edition Book Files: Download Now!

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Click image above to download all files as ZIP (76MB) for Excel 2013/2016 or use links below

Source and example files provided as-is and free of charge. No warranty is offered. These files may be redistributed freely as long as the “Intro” attribution sheet is included. You can buy the 2nd Edition Book here.

DAX Formulas for Power Pivot, 1st Edition Book Files

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Files from the book – click to download all as a ZIP or use links below

In my book, DAX Formulas for PowerPivot: The Excel Pro’s Guide to Mastering DAX, I included a link so that you can download some of the examples (source data and workbooks) that I used along the way.

That link needed to go somewhere. It now leads you here Smile

Download All Files as a Single ZIP Here

Download as individual files?

If you’d prefer to download just an individual file, here they are as separate links:

Access Db (ZIP File)Ch5.xlsx


This isn’t a highly polished enterprise, I’m just sharing the files in the state they were in when I finished the book. There are measures in some of these files, for instance, that were never used in the book (and for good reason, a few of them ended up being examples of what NOT to do, heh heh).

I also didn’t save the workbook after every chapter, so in general, if you want to see something from chapter 19 and there isn’t a ch19.xlsx, check out ch20.xlsx and it may have what you are looking for.  There was one time though that I deleted stuff as I started a new chapter though, so Ch20.xlsx is not assured to contain everything from Ch8 for instance.

I’m also happy to fix this up over time, so if you see something that’s just wrong, or something important that’s missing, let me know.

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