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Ten Business Upgrades Within Your Reach in 2024

Feeling behind the curve when it comes to leveraging data and technology in your business? Stuck relying on manual processes and gut instinct instead of actionable insights? You’re not alone. Tune into this special episode as hosts Rob and Justin reveal 10 achievable ways you can use data to transform your business in 2024. No fancy tech skills or big budgets required.

Written by on November 28, 2023

True North Versus Magnetic North w/Jeff Jorgensen

Today, join us for an electrifying episode featuring none other than Jeff Jorgensen, the Chief Investment Officer at Cap Six! Hold onto your seats as Jeff takes us on a rollercoaster ride through his incredible journey from pro baseball player to Wall Street wizard. Get ready to have your mind blown as he dishes out the juiciest insights on using data and tech to stay on top of the game, steer clear of blunders, and achieve mind-boggling success!

Written by on October 10, 2023

Put Some Adventure On Your Taco, w/ Dan Battagin

Today’s guest is Dan Battagin, a former program manager for Microsoft and the genius behind Adventure Taco! Dan has an impressive track record as the former lead developer of Microsoft’s Power Query as well as experience with multiple other software programs. We’re excited to have him on the show, especially since he only agreed to appear in order to learn about Rob’s video background. But once the conversation gets going, you will realize that Dan has a wealth of expertise in data cleansing and transformation that we can all learn from.

Written by on March 7, 2023

Good Design is the Cake, Not the Icing, w/ Brad Weed

Today, special guest, Brad Weed of Interplace waxes philosophical about his and Rob’s shared time at Microsoft and we discover where the seeds of ethical capitalism were planted. He is a former designer at Microsoft who worked on every release of Office from 1992-2007 and played a major role in defining and refining the company’s design and user research disciplines. He is an incredible entrepreneur with a passion for innovation who may forever be known as the perfector of the Microsoft Ruler.

Written by on February 21, 2023

The DAX Draft

When its winner takes all, it’s the unexpected choice that provides the most impressive results. Who made the bold moves? Three Power BI DAX experts duke it out in a game of “Choose it or Lose it” with 8 cutthroat rounds of DAX Draft! Can Rob Collie’s Street DAX scrape by? Will 15-time Microsoft MVP Ed Hansberry’s mental compilation of functions and chess moves prevail? Or can scrappy P3 Adaptive newcomer Leigh Ann Thibadoux blindside both?

Written by on January 17, 2023

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Chicago, w/Nicole Janeway Bills

Today, Nicole Janeway Bills, community organizer for Data Strategy Professionals, stops by with the inner scoop on data training, cryptocurrency, tokens, scandal, fraud, and the trauma of moving. At the time of recording, Nicole was an employee of FTX. During the podcast, she shared tales of last-minute relocations and the expense of attaining career goals right as an unraveling began.

Written by on December 6, 2022

A Guest Fit for the 100th Episode, w/ Justin Mannhardt

P3 Adaptive’s own Justin Mannhardt gives the inside scoop on delivering results and backing into data infrastructure, aka the origin story of P3 Adaptive’s Solutions Architect Team and the impact it can have on an analytics project. Justin explains the expanded focus to fulfill analytics needs through a more holistic approach to drive adoption and deliver results. With his own experience, he explains how results must sometimes come first as a proof of concept but once results are verified, more support is often needed to ensure a smooth functioning process. Rob often refers to this as the faucet first analogy, and it has the power to convince the exec team that analytics can be fruitful for businesses of all sizes.

Written by on November 10, 2022

Soaring the Skies of OPTIMIZEDAX(), w/ Narayana Windenberger

Narayana Windenberger sits down for a chat on data, travel, and the ethics of the financial markets. Nar is a 5-year veteran of P3 with an unforgettable name and a penchant for being a digital nomad. Whether he is working from the Midwest, Germany, or enjoying hang gliding in San Diego, Nar puts the remote in remote work and regardless of his location, still creates epic analytic masterpieces.  Nar also has the distinction of being the author of a P3 Adaptive blog that shook the Power BI world to its core in 2020 and earned him the title of Power BI Super Villain.

Written by on October 19, 2022