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Data-Driven Success: Recipes for Business Leaders

What can Data do for your Business Today?

My new seminar’s mission is to provide business leaders with easy-to-follow recipes for data-driven success.  We will devote an entire day to the kinds of business impact you can readily achieve with the Power BI platform, while purposely staying out of the technical details that we cover in our other courses.

Lessons and Case Studies Gleaned from Hundreds of Consulting Projects

The majority of our company’s revenue comes from consulting, not from training.  In the past few years alone we have executed hundreds of short-duration, high-impact projects with our clients.  That might surprise you, given that our classes are often our most “visible” offering, but they are in fact an interruption, of sorts, to our core biz.

We have repeatedly partnered with our clients to create millions of dollars in value at a time.  That’s not an exaggeration.  The rules of what can be done with data have been completely rewritten by the newest generation of tools, and harnessing that first-mover competitive advantage for our clients is where we add the most value.

The wisdom we’ve gained over the years would be impossible to absorb while working anywhere else.  Our “short-duration, high-impact” consulting business is a gift that gives us a unique perspective:  Very few people see as many projects as we do, or interact with as many cultures and business scenarios as we do.  The patterns of success that emerge from those experiences become very clear over time, and those are the subject of this seminar.

Who Should Attend

  • Leaders who know their orgs should be doing more with data.  Data is the “hot” thing these days, but it’s one thing to say “we should be doing more with data” and quite another to have a plan you can understand and trust.  This seminar will bridge that gap for you so you can confidently get started.
  • Managers whose direct reports are taking (or have previously taken) our other classes.  While your people are learning HOW to do amazing things, you are learning WHAT those things should be, and how to best integrate those new capabilities into your culture.  (I like to imagine managers and their reports excitedly discussing their next moves while on the flight home.)
  • “Doer”/Leader Hybrids.  We’ve met a lot of leaders, over the years, who are also highly inclined to personally build data models and dashboards.  And similarly, there are a lot of “doers” who are influential within their organizations and eager to broaden their impact.


Attendees will leave with:

  • Concise reference materials summarizing the best practices as well as the case study/project examples
  • Sample Power BI dashboards/models of all the projects/case studies.  So you can take these back to your teams and demonstrate without a doubt, “THIS is what we should build.”
  • Special offer on followup consulting package.  If your org needs a jumpstart on one or more of the projects ideas covered in (or inspired by) the seminar, we can help you hit the ground running.

Reserve Your Spot

We’re capping the attendee count for this seminar at 15 to facilitate better discussion, so if you’re interested you should probably move a bit faster than usual.


Hit me with an email:  success@p3adaptive.com

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