Planning at the speed of COVID: P3 Adaptive and Power On

It’s not adversity which defines you, but how you respond to it.

GPS and Steering Wheel

Power BI = GPS. Power On = Steering Wheel.

In 2020 we’ve been talking a lot about how important it is to be both intelligent AND agile in the face of unpredictable business conditions. During “normal” times, you can often get away with guessing that tomorrow will resemble yesterday, and simply following your well-worn business map. But 2020 has thrown all of that out the door, and even though 2021 is hopefully kinder, we all know that it will be far from a return to normal.

To survive and thrive in chaos, you have to SEE changing conditions clearly and quickly, but then also ACT – decisively. And taking action is a team sport – everyone needs to know their new targets. They need to believe in them. And they need to know how their actions play into the new overall plan.

Agile Planning, Integrated with Power BI

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The velocity at which you need to change plans is unheard of now and as such, planning needs to be nimble and continuous. To facilitate this we need tools that enable faster and more collaborative planning. We’ve been using PowerOn for several years now with our clients and it has performed very effectively in this role, resulting in a more effective and efficient planning process as well as organizational gains.

Organizational planning is a holistic exercise. Changes to forecasts and assumptions can have sweeping impacts across the organization. With our solution utilizing Power BI and PowerOn visual planner we can instantly see how changes to our input assumptions and forecast, impacts everything from financials including the P&L, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow, to operational functions including inventory, production, headcount, resource load, and training needs.


Planning also cannot exist in a vacuum. We know that as we seek to make planning more agile and continuous we need to make it more collaborative. Of course, in the past, the more collaborative the process, the slower it would be as there would be more versions of the forecast and plans to keep track of and update over time as the actuals changed.

PowerOn’s Visual Planner solution includes a workflow process to review and approve forecasts and add commentary/notes on any data point. This. facilitates a collaborative process that includes input across the organization while not bringing forward movement to a crawl.

The ability to continuously plan and make decisions in an agile, collaborative way is not just a competitive advantage anymore, it is essential to future success.

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