By Avi Singh [Twitter]


Rob made a joke in one of his classes, that “Microsoft gives you the parts to the Porsche”. It’s a great product, but some assembly required 🙂 The biggest roadblocks we see to Power BI adoption (the toolset, not necessarily the service) are

  • Lack of awareness
  • Lack of clarity on how to get startedFor our past webinars, we have attempted to focus on Excel users who are unaware of the benefits of Power Pivot. For our next one, we will attempt to target folks, who are aware, but unsure as to how to proceed. We will try to provide you the missing manual to put together your Porsche!

    The webinar is targeted towards the audience below. For more information/registration, click the links below.

    Free Webinar
    Jun 2

    P3 Adaptive  Free Webinar Series

    Managers/Decision Makers: Who are looking to select a toolset to build their BI solution. Or those who have selected Power BI toolset but looking for a roadmap to implement that solution

    Technology Professionals/Excel Users: With Power BI, Excel users can go toe-to-toe with top BI professionals and roll out complete BI solutions and not just ad-hoc reports/analysis. Learn the roadmap to transform your career.